Sports Science

Topps of the Class Cards

These 2020 official Topps cards feature Paul DeJong, Dr. Rocks and Burton Rocks to promote science and literacy. Click here to view the cards.

Topps Base Cards Poster

This Topps limited edition, oversized Base Cards poster features Burton Rocks. Click here to view the poster.

Top Performers

What do sports stars have in common with a symphony orchestra? Paul DeJong and Dr. Lawrence Rocks talk about it  in this video at the Palm Beach Symphony gala 2018 with Cardinals Insider.

The Effect of Temperature On Baseball

What effect does heat have on a baseball? Does warm weather make the ball travel further or bounce higher? Dr. Lawrence Rocks andclROCKScorp client Paul DeJong, a short stop with the St. Louis Cardinals demonstrated the scientific (and surprising) answer to Steve Overmyer answer in this WCBS-TV interview.

Chemistry and Baseball

Dr. Lawrence Rocks was interviewed about body chemistry and its importance in baseball on CBS-NY by Steve Overmyer. Listen to the interview here.

Additional Method of Player Evaluation

Burton Rocks was interviewed recently by WLNY-TV’s Steve Overmyer about a new, additional way to evaluate baseball players. View the interview below.